Choose Auckland Obstetric centre for your Maternity care and birthing!

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Check out the private obstetric centre in Auckland, with specialists and doctors who provide maternity care, obstetric care, labour and birth support and more!

Choose Auckland Obstetric centre for your Maternity care and birthing!

Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to the exciting world of motherhood! It's understandable that expecting a baby can be overwhelming for new mums, so if you're looking for private Obstetrician care in Auckland, Auckland Obstetric centre is a great option to look into. This obstetric centre has been on the market since 1996, and its 6 obstetricians have been providing top-notch care for mothers-to-be from the start of their pregnancy all the way up to when they welcome their new bundle of joy into the world. I have researched this fantastic facility, which might prove to be an ideal choice for you and your baby.


Why you should choose Auckland Obstetric centre

As well as its extensive history in childbirth-more than 11.000 up to date, Auckland Obstetric centre is ideal for those wishing to access everything under one roof. With a single, fixed cost regardless of any pregnancy complications or your chosen method of delivery, they will provide care throughout your pregnancy, give you help and guidance during labour and the birth, and arrange postnatal checks with a midwife at your home over a six-week period after the baby's arrival. The Auckland obstetric centre is a unified team and strongly encourages you to meet with their various doctors in order to ensure that you will be content with your specialist doctor when the time comes.


Pregnancy care

No matter how many times you have been pregnant before, each pregnancy presents its own difficulties. The main aim of the Auckland obstetric centre is to keep mums-to-be in good health, safe and informed during the entire time they are expecting. They suggest that expectant mothers book their obstetric care at the start of their pregnancy, but your first meeting with your doctor will be between 10 and 11 weeks. During your prenatal care, you will be referred to antenatal blood testing, a Down syndrome examination, a nuchal translucency assessment, a physical structure inspection and a diabetes scan that will take place at their centre in Parnell.

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Birth care

When in childbirth, the Auckland obstetric centre's squad of experts will welcome you in the National Women's Health birthing room at Auckland City Hospital, where hospital specialists such as labour paediatricians, anaesthetists and a caesarean section theatre would be accessible if required. If you are keenly anticipating a water birth, the fantastic news is that many of the maternity rooms at National Women’s Health in Auckland City Hospital have an integrated hot tub, which can be used by you. The rooms boast magnificent views across the city, and enough space to accommodate your partner or family to encourage you during labour and delivery. Visit this link to get a glimpse into the birthing suites of National Women's Health.

What Pain Relief will be available for me?

  • Entonox (“gas and air”)
  • Pethidine
  • Hot tubs
  • 24-hour epidural service

After Birth Care


A few hours after delivering in the Auckland City Hospital, you will be transferred to Birthcare, where you can remain for a period ranging from two to three days. At Birthcare, they will aid you with acclimatizing to nurturing your little one and offer help and counsel. When you are released from Birthcare, one of the lovely midwives of Auckland Obstetric centre will pay a visit to assess the baby's feedings and development and attend to any apprehensions or queries that you may have concerning your baby or yourself.

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Auckland Obstetric centre

Address: 20 Titoki Street, Parnell

Contact: or 09 367 1200



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