Top 4 Places to Get a Pregnancy Massage in Auckland - By Mums

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Top 4 places in Auckland that specialize in pregnancy massage and postnatal, relaxation massage, recommended by Auckland mums!

Best pregnancy massages in Auckland - by Auckland mums


Expecting a child is such a special time for every mama, but while you are growing the love of your life, your body is changing and getting ready to deliver your little bundle of joy. To help your body relax and restore, I have found the 5 best-recommended massage therapists in Auckland for your spa day that come highly recommended by Auckland mums!




Bella Mama, pregnancy spa and Wellness center


They definitely know how to work with their magic hands, as they come as the number 1 place recommended by Auckland mums. But what makes them so good? Located in Belmont, North Shore, they are specialising in pregnancy and offer a good variety of services for all pregnant mums on their journey to motherhood and their bubs after birth, focusing on their wellbeing and health. Through years of education and ongoing training, they have developed a place where every woman is feeling beautiful, heard, and relieved. No wonder so many women love going back there!


What they offer:

  • Prenatal massage
  • Postnatal massage, prenatal massage & other

You can choose between massage at your home or coming to their wellness centre. Based on their website, prices range from $139 -$249 for pregnancy and post-natal massages

Find more information about Bella Mama here:


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Top Notch Bodyworks pregnancy massage


Specializing in Prenatal and Maternity massage, they can help you relieve the tension in your back and neck, sleep disturbances, headaches, swelling, fatigue, hip pain, pelvis issues, and sciatica and help to remove stress and anxiety before giving birth. They are located in Massey, West Auckland and Parnell, and Central Auckland.


Based on their website, prices range from $110- $130


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East day spa maternity massage


In East day spa, they focus on offering a relaxation massage that tends to relieve the tension that appears during all the body changes in pregnancy. Located in Sky City Grand hotel, they represent themself as the premiere luxury spa, that is inspired by the owner's travels through Asia. Their massage sessions are suitable for all the mums after 1st trimester.


Based on their website, they offer 1h pregnancy massage for $ 145


pregnant mum in luxury maternity gown during her maternity session


Spring, contemporary beauty, and wellness


The vision of the spring beauty and wellness centre is to help you with deep relaxation and remove any tension that tends to appear during pregnancy. They are inspired by the West and east mix of modern and traditional techniques and technologies and a peaceful environment. They are located in Ponsonby and St. Heliers.


Based on their website, they offer 1h pregnancy massage for $ 130



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What are the benefits of a Maternity massage?


  • Increased circulation will help you bring more oxygen and nutrition to your body cells, which is super beneficial for you and your baby
  • Massage will help you ease all the pregnancy discomforts that may appear while growing your little human
  • It will help you reduce your body swelling and feel lighter and will increase your energy levels
  • Maternity massage will help you relieve tension, relax and prepare your body for birth and help you with better sleep
  • Taking a luxury day off and massage will also help you with your stress levels and contribute toward a better general mood



What are the benefits of a Postnatal massage?


  • After delivery, massage can help you restore and re-adjust your body to a pre-pregnancy state
  • It will help you relieve the tension, aches, and pains caused by growing, birthing, and taking care of your little baby
  • After the C-section, it will help you with faster recovery, of your abdominal muscles and will reduce the scare tissue
  • It will help you relax, increase your energy levels and provide you with more oxygen.

 pregnant mum in luxury maternity gown during her maternity session


When is the best time for a maternity massage?


There is no definitive answer to this question as each person's situation is different. However, many experts believe that the best time for a maternity massage is during the second and third trimesters. This is when the pregnant woman's body is starting to experience more changes. Additionally, the second trimester is often when pregnancy-related aches and pains start to set in, making a massage even more beneficial. Ultimately, it is important to listen to your body and consult with your doctor or midwife before scheduling a maternity massage.




Is Massage Safe During Pregnancy?


The answer to this question depends on a number of factors. It can be safe if it is performed by a qualified and experienced therapist who is aware of the risks and knows how to avoid them. It is important to avoid any pressure on the abdomen or lower back and to keep the mother well-hydrated during and after the treatment. If you have any concerns, it is always best to speak to your healthcare provider before booking.




How can your partner help you to release the tension at home


If you're looking to give your partner a relaxing massage at home, here are a few tips to help you get started. First, find a comfortable place for your partner to lie down. You can use a bed, couch, or even a floor mat. Next, have your partner prop up their head with a pillow and put a blanket over their body. This will help them feel more comfortable and relaxed.


Now it's time to start! Begin by gently rubbing your partner's back in circular motions. You can use your hands, fingers, or even a massage tool like a tennis ball. Be sure to avoid any areas that are sore or sensitive. Once you've warmed up their back, move on to their legs and feet. Spend extra time on any areas that feel especially tight or stressed.


End the luxury therapy by gently rubbing your partner's scalp. This will help them feel calm and relaxed. If you want, you can also add some essential oils to the mix. Just be sure to avoid any oils that could be irritating to the skin (e.g., peppermint or eucalyptus).



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